Paddled with a double bladed paddle from a sitting position, they can be closed decks, open cockpit or sit on top. Kayaks have a number of shapes from short highly manoeuvrable though medium length general purpose to long straight running fast moving. 


Paddled with a single blade from a kneeling or sitting position. Usually paddled tandem (two people) can be single person. From short highly manoeuvrable specialist white water craft, through to long touring craft, capable of taking around 500kg of equipment.

Stand Up Paddleboard

Paddled with a single blade kneeling or standing. Short highly manoeuvrable through to long fast racing boards. 

Bell Boat

Paddled with a single blade by up to 12 paddlers. ideal for fun and games on the water, also touring the waterways.

Dragon Boat

20 paddlers, helm and drummer make this team boat move. Meant for racing though touring and expeditions are possible.