The Paddle Awards are a pathway to independent paddling.

These awards are recognised throughout the outdoor adventurous activity industry as to the holders paddling ability. 

A safe fun introduction to paddling, whatever you chosen craft, or if you have not decided, try Kayak, Canoe or SUP. Based on a half day session, with a group of 2 - 4 people.  From £55 per person

Develop your skills for safe enjoyable paddling. Any craft, kayak, canoe or SUP.  Whilst at this stage, basic paddling is the concern, starting to think of the future, touring, competition or white water may give direction to the session. This is a full day session with a small group of people (2 - 4), with individual aspects of paddling targeted. From £90 per person.

Your development towards the paddling you prefer. The sessions will be targeted to the paddling you wish to do, recreational, competition, kayak, canoe or SUP.  Over the two days you will develop your own individualised paddling programme to progress your skills and knowledge towards being independent, being safe and able to look at the safety of other paddlers. The session will be in a small group (2 - 4 people) at a cost from £130 per person.

Once you have completed the Paddle Awards, you will be ready to look at the Personal Performance Awards. These will allow your progress to plan journeys, trips or compete in events on your choice of water in your chosen craft.