Paddlexperience chooses venues for the amenity, which may mean that facilities are a bit basic.

Ebchester County Durham

Changing facilities, slow moving River Derwent. Ideal for 1.5 hour and good for 2.5 hour sessions. Kayaks and Canoes available.

Ellerton Lake Nr. Scorton North Yorkshire

Toilets, showers and changing facilities, a 60 acre lake. Good for 1.5 hour and ideal for 2.5 hour sessions; also suitable for 5 hour experiences. Kayaks, Canoes, SUP and Bell Boating  available.

Please note there is a lake fee of £8.00 per paddler applicable, this is not included within the quoted charges for sessions.

Yarm. Cleveland

No  facilities. Paddle on the River Tees, good for all sessions. Kayaks, Canoes, SUP and Bell Boating are available. Park and paddle, also you can enjoy a leisurely paddle downstream to Preston Park